Get off and feel the Difference

By on September 13, 2016

synd-aqua-sentinelSince the inception of drift triking, riders have stood on the back axle. For peg trikers, it was to kick push and on pedal trikes, just to roll into a session. So why not give the rider a platform?

We went back to the drawing board for 2017. We looked at what trikers are doing and the move towards a flat land style of riding. We saw that you are getting off the trike to perform technical maneuvers and this opened up the flood gates to a new concept, it also let us widen the axle and keep the center of gravity down low. Just how you like it.

The design team ran with the idea and with fine tuning and engineering, have made a strong functional axle like you’ve never seen before. With a reliable one-piece axle across the width of the trike, wheels keep maximum contact with the ground, increasing rider control and drift. Along with this, we’ve added functional axle retaining tabs for easy maintenance. These tabs allow removal of  each rear wheel individually, and you only need 1 wrench. Incorporated into the design is a textured platform. You can use it to transition onto the seat or as a platform for your new tricks. Imagine the 360’s you could pull if you were standing or kneeling on the back end! We’ve thought of everything, with toe protectors on each side to keep your feet out of the back wheels.

This axle is like nothing out there and will let you reign supreme in a new era of tricks.

Get off move around and in no time you’ll feel the difference.