Grips from the Gods

By on September 13, 2016

Function and form are two words that come to mind when you realise something
has been synd-purp-gripengineered to do a job and still look awesome.

Good grips can be a deal breaker. When the team at Triad engineered these Oath component grips, we wanted them to be comfortable, but still durable, and provide the greatest amount of grip possible. These little beauties are on the softer end of the spectrum, but that’s not the only things we want them to be known for.
The customizability of these grips is off the scale and just right for everyone who lives a life behind bars. You want the flexibility to choose your grip colour depending on your surrounding, much like the Chameleon lizard where these grips get their name. In the package you get multiple colour rings which are easily swapped out to customize your ride. We also went the distance to include heavy duty bar endcaps. You’ll have the ones that get screwed in, so there’s no need for hammers or to destroying the grip when you want to maintain or remove them.
Finally, the Chameleon grips have high density plastic for the win, because alloy caps can become pretty nasty once grazed up.

Gloves or no gloves, we know you’re going to love the feel of these grips.