Quick slide and ride

By on October 1, 2016

synd-aqua-sliderSeat position is the key factor when performing technical maneuvers and riding for long periods of time,  ease of adjustment allows you to fine tune on the go without the need for tools 

Triad design has always allowed easy seat position adjustment for every body size, not only does the  2017 models retain this feature we have made it even easier.

We took it to another level with a quick release lever system that positively locks the seat base to the frame without the need for any tools. Simply pull the lever out and the seat is free to slide along the frame. Push it back in place & everyone, from small kids to kids at heart will be able to have a go on the trikes.
Keep in mind there is multiple size trikes, the Countermeasure trike has all the same function in the seat slider as the Underworld, notorious and syndicate with a uniquely sized smaller frame. Check out the size chart

The seat slider is Triad’s key feature to bringing triking to everyone and this year its only been made better.

Size chart bannersize_chart_2017