Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Fork

By on September 14, 2016

synd-aqua-seat-45-lYou didn’t think our fork was going to miss out on improved style and strength did you? Well it didn’t just get strength, it also got an easy to install front wheel.

With just 1 allen key you can fit the bearing caps to install the wheel. You can throw away the 10mm its not needed. Incorporated into the fork bearing drop out is a hexagon hole to hold the nut in place, a concealed bolt heads in the cap hides the bolt, a tiny rubber o’rings installed on the bolts prevents the fastener from falling out of the bearing cap when you’re putting it all together. It’s genius.

Moving up the fork, the bladed shape legs are nothing short of spectacular. They curve up to the, new larger, fork crown and seamlessly flow into the snake head frame. There’s an all round sleekness to all the trikes this year and the fork was a big part of that.

Countermeasure & Underworlds have steel forks with V brakes while Syndicate & Notorious feature cro molly forks. Both forks get the same good looks, but cro molly adds greater strength to the disc brake trikes. Industry standard ISO disc caliper mounts allow customization and upgrades for Underworld buyers.

We’re sure it’s one of the first things that you’ll notice and is at the fore front of drift trike fork design.