New Tricks Need New Trikes

By on September 14, 2016

Drift Trikers like you are driving the sports evolution You’re out in search of bigger hills & longer curves and  pushing the boundaries with new tricks. You’re hitting skate parks and you’re keen to drag all your mates in on your new, inexpensive, No RULES sport.

We’ve never seen anyone get off a drift trike without a smile on their face… have you?

When you share your new tricks, we’re watching and we can see that you need a trike that can evolve with you. We have gone back to the roots of the big wheel and added features to support multi tricks, and crazy positions both on and off the trike. These new trikes will give you the freedom & unique styling you need.

Enter the 2017 Triad 3 Series

This year’s range of Triad trike will encourage the sport to continue to reach new heights and bring more people to smile and enjoy the great outdoors.