Padded Up

By on September 14, 2016

So, you’re looking to treat yourself to some extra padding?eva-seat-2

We set out to design a new padded seat accessory available to all trikers,like never seen before. We came up with a high density, thermoformed foam, no fuss, no mess,removable solution.
You’ll see the benefits of hours of research and development in the anti slip padding and side panels. We didn’t want it to just look good, we wanted it to be easy to remove and have great vibration damping.
The exposed retaining washers and minimal straps are easy on the eyes and the deep groves help absorb the big impact shocks and allow the pad to conform to your body for maximum comfort.

This padded seat cover will keep you in the seat for longer. It’s a luxury addition to the already successful Triad Lotus seat, the most technologically advanced drift trike seat cover.