Pedals or Pegs “your choice”

By on October 1, 2016

synd-aqua-rotaGravity trike, or pedal trike? Why not have both!

So you’ve seen a trick that needs pegs, but you also want the convenience of pedals… we’ve got you covered.
The ROTA peg adapter swaps out with  your cranks to turn the freewheeling hub into a floating peg hub allowing you to transition or stand directly on the front end.
With flat land technical type tricks being performed, riders are challenging  the laws of physics and coming up with outrageous maneuvers and stunts.
You can also say goodbye to complaints at gravity trike events about the pedals being an unfair advantage over the peg trikes because you can swap the adapters over in no time, no fuss and no arguments.
You might think a pedal is not a peg and yes you’re right, but the versatility of a pedal platform allows you to use the pivot of the pedal to rock and feel the balance point  on the large surface area of the platform. Also, when you’re streamlining, you can position the back of your leg over the pedal without it digging into your calf muscles.
Pegs are cool again and we want to see how the adapters allow freedom and versatility for you to get off and mix it up

The Rota peg is exclusive to the Syndicate 3. Whack them on you’re trike & show us what you can do