Stiff Like a Snake

By on September 14, 2016

synd-aqua-slim-jimAre you prepared for a complete frame overhaul?

Triking is a very expressive sport, you want to show your personality in both your trike & your riding style. With the all new, open frame and axle design for 2017 you’ll see we added a new rounded tubular frame and a quick release seat slide positioner, because no-one wants to have to get out a tool to move the seat. You’ll also spot side panel gussets below the head tube, this doesn’t just look good, there is additional strength to the area.
The all new, “Snake Head” frame is rared up just like a cobra. It’s wrap around head tube gusset flows into the “V” shaped tube section. The new shape on this tube has a rounded bottom, parallel side walls and concaved top side. This adds 1 extra dimension making it a 5 sided tube for strength and flexibility. But we didn’t stop there, we added an extra top tube to tie the long head tube back to the frame and take advantage of the frame strength.

All Triads get this new frame design, the smaller Countermeasure 2, large Underworld 3 and Notorious 3 and the extra long Syndicate 3, now with 50mm added to the frame for the tallest riders.
Last of all, you’ll see the wider stem tube, linking the frame into the all new Commander Elite fork. Head over and have a read about the larger crown in the fork page.
This frame is totally revamped and for all the right reasons. You’ll be riding it into next chapter of drift triking.