By on February 26, 2015

We have a cool new distributor in the U.K/Ireland called JR Drift Trikes. It was founded by Joe Rackley (JR, get it?). With a long history of collecting and building custom bikes along with a lifetime passion for going sideways – 25 years skateboarding, 20 years snowboarding and countless hours “getting it sideways” in various rear wheel drive cars – it was only a matter of time before drift triking became the next obsession.

After teaming up with bike nut Mark Meadows (owner of MilkBikes and general human encyclopaedia of all things bike) the two formed the perfect partnership to bring drift triking to a whole new level.

“Since first discovering drift triking on You Tube (like most people’s introduction to the sport), we wanted in! We wanted to bring this extremely fun sport to the masses, so set about launching JR Drift Trikes with this in mind….”

If you are in the U.K or Ireland, these are your boys.